Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I am happy to find a company that takes real care to not put dangerous or toxic ingredients in their products.

Joe Marx

As I get older my eyelashes have become thinner, and my wife was using another eyelash growth product at this time. I did some research and found that Longer Lash has the best mix of ingredients. I have been using it for 5 weeks and am happy with the results. I also like how the product did not seem to be targeted to only women.


I love the ingredients used in Longer Lash. I searched far and wide and could not find a product like this that did NOT include Phenoxyethanol, an ingredient which I find it hard to avoid these days.


I have been using it directed for about three weeks now. The difference has been perceptible, as several of my work friends have commented that my lashes were looking on point, and I have also noticed a huge difference.g. Sadly, I didn’t have the foresight to take before pictures, but I am totally impressed with this inexpensive product and the results I have got with it, I will be purchasing more for my mom and sister!

Linda Robin

This is an amaaaaazing product and works great for me! I’m totally blown away by it I have only used it for like 2 weeks and I’ve already seen a great difference. I have not had any irritation this was my biggest concern before trying it that why I choose this one that is totally natural. I have been using this every night for the past few weeks and have noticed a huge difference. It took a few times to put it on without it getting in my eyes but it was only matter of practicing hehehehe. I am a very happy customer.

Donna Lin

They shipped fast and everything was right, I totally loved my product… I will definitely buy again

Liz White

Excellent product, excellent speedy service!

Julia Paz

This stuff is pretty great. I like it a lot. My eyelashes feel and look longer and moisturized.

Milly D

WOW I see a difference in my eyelashes, the results were way more than I expected. I wanted to go get fake ones put on but now I don’t have too. This has made them grow so much in the 2 weeks. Totally in love <3

Sam Bruce

I Used it every night for over a month now and saw amazing results so far. Would recommend if you can stick to a regular routine that will bring you the expected result you most be constant using it.

Milly D

IT REALLY WORKS! I have used way more expensive products without receiving the results I was expecting. Many of my friends n family have bought this product and they strongly recommended me, so I bough it and love it! 

Lia Wog

I Purchased this product back in January 2020. I really wanted to use it before leaving a review. Since I received it, I apply it daily on the base of my top lashes every morning right before applying mascara. I have seen awesome results!.

Paul Scott

I bought Lash Long primarily for my eyebrows My eyebrows were really thin & required me to fill them in. I started using the product in December & started seeing new hair coming in within 2 weeks of using. I was so happy with the growth that I showed my eyebrows to my best friend & she was surprised with the evolution in such a short time.

Anabell Ramirez