Client Testimonials

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This serum really works :D. Is very Easy to use and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes which is perfect for me.

I only use it few times and I have started to notice a difference my eyelashes are looking longer, healthier and thicker.

Sandy Romero

I’ve been using this product every single night not stop.

These are my results so far. After 12 days my eye lashes got little ones. After 26 days my eye lashes were fuller.After 35 days my eye lashes are longer. This results makes me really really happy.

Liena Acosta

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John Doe

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A few years ago I lost all my body hair which makes me really sad. It took a while but it all grew back except for my lower right lash. There is a wonderful lady on YouTube that I follow that has mentioned this product multiple times and I thought “why not” I am gonna give it a shot. I have been using this serum for about 2 months and all upper and lower lashes are now long and lush. I LOVE THIS SERUM!!!!

Kelly Brooks

My eyelashes were sparse and short after a few months of having lash extensions. So I tried this. It works, you can see the results pretty fast. It does what it says and it lasts long enough.  The shipping was really fast, I had to contact customer services because my address were wrong and they were really nice and help me with promptitude. 

Elizabeth rose

I don’t spend time writing reviews for most items but this is without a doubt the greatest beauty product I’ve ever bought. It definitely works, my eyelashes are long and healthy. I even use it on sparse areas of my eyebrows.

Cynthia C

I take medicines that thin my eyebrows so bad and was looking for an affordable alternative to a $120 serum I’d been using for a while now and this is it!! After a little over a week, I can already see the difference in my brows-the growth is so fast. I’m excited to start using it on my lashes too! 

Milly Roman

I am very pleased with the serum so far. I have used it for a few days now and feel like I am already seeing a difference. You must be consistent in applying it to see results. I would highly recommend. The shipping was really fast and the customer service exceptional.

Randy Lay

Loving this product, after a few weeks using it can definitely say that my lashes looks way better, thicker and stronger, I am very satisfied so far. 

Rochelis Luz

Unfortunately I lost a lot of lashes due to eyelash extension so I was desperate to have something to make my lashes grow faster. I bought eyelash serum that are very expensive and also cheap ones, but from all of those, this has worked best for me. It didn’t irritate my eyes due to the natural Ingredients and I was able to notice the change in about 2 weeks. My lashes are still growing back and I think after a couple of weeks later, they should be back to normal.

Pen J