How effective are the masks?

Our masks are KN95 and proven to be 95% effective against all microbes and bacteria. You should always still frequently wash your hands and use hand sanitizer while wearing a mask. 

How do you put on the mask?

First you must wash your hands and or use hand sanitizer, then put the mask over your mouth and nose making sure there are no gaps, then adjust the metal nose piece and secure the straps around your ears.

How do I know my mask is on tight enough?

Perform a test when the mask is attached by breathing in and out to detect leaks by placing both hands closely around, but not on the mask. Remold the nose piece if there is leaking in that area. Repeat this process if you reuse a mask. 

How do I remove the mask?

Remove the mask by the strings around your ears and avoid touching it. Either throw to mask away or store it in a sealed container or bag if it is not yet damp and you plan to reuse it.

Am I supposed to touch the mask?

No, while wearing the m,ask avoid touching it and if you have to, be sure to wash your hands afterwards. 

How long can I use a single mask?

Use the mask no more than a full day. Replace the mask when it becomes damp form too much breathing. 

Can I wear a face mask with a beard?

Yes, but when possible, trim your facial hair to insure a closer fit.

Can children wear these masks?

These masks are made for adults. So it is better to find child size mask for children unless they have an adult sized face.

Can I reuse my mask if I was around a sick person or in a medical situation?

No, the mask should not be reused in this situation.