Is this hand sanitizer alcohol based as recommended by the Center for Disease Control?

Yes our hand sanitizer is based with isopropyl alcohol and also witch hazel.

How much hand sanitizer should be used per application?

You need enough liquid sanitizer to cover the whole surface of both hands, but normally one a squirt form one pump is enough. Use more is all of both hands are not covered. 

How do you apply the hand sanitizer?

 Pump one or two shirts of the liquid on to one hand and then rub it into both hands for 15-30 seconds.

Do I have to wait for the liquid to dry?

Yes rub the hands until the liquid is mostly dry. Do NOT wave your hands around top help them dry as this could attract microbes before the hands are fully sanitized.

I have eczema, is hand sanitizer bad for my skin?

It is better for people with eczema to wash hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizers can be very irritating to eczema skin. If you must use hand sanitizer, apply moisturizing cream after your hands are dry. 

Do natural hand sanitizers work?

Research currently indicates that natural or herbal hand sanitizers without alcohol are NOT effective at killing germs.

How much alcohol content is required for hand sanitizer to be effective?

Hand sanitizers need to have at least 60% alcohol to kill germs. Green Esthetic’s hand sanitizer has 65% plus witch hazel which has similar properties to alcohol. 

What do I do if I get a rash or other reaction to hand sanitizer?

Call your doctor if you experience a serious reaction to hand sanitizer.

Where should hand sanitizer be stored?

Hand sanitizer should be stored out of reach, and sight, of children. It should not be stored above 105°F (for example, it should not be stored in a car during the summer months).

Is hand sanitizer dangerous for children?

For children under six years of age, hand sanitizer should be used with adult supervision. When used according to the directions on the Drug Facts Label, hand sanitizer is not dangerous for children