How does Alightener Foam whiten the teeth?

Alightener Foam is made with a low % of hydrogen peroxide which safely and gently whitens the tooth enamel. 

How long do you need to apply Alightener Foam per treatment?

We recommend applications of at least 25 minutes, but you may leave it in longer. The light peroxide formula makes it safe for long periods of time, and even over night. 

What kind of trays can I use to apply Alightener Foam?

Alightener Foam was designed with dental aligner trays in mind. However you can use Alightener Foam with any kind of mouth try including buy not limited to:  boil and bite trays, mouth guards and night guards.

Why is Alightener Foam, a foam?

The foam formula allows Alightener Foam to spread out through the tray evenly, and the foam bubbles oxygenize the formula helping the peroxide react with the tooth enamel. 

Does Alightener Foam dirty the trays or encourage the growth of bacteria?

No. The peroxide in the formula of Alightener Foam actually has cleaning and disinfectant properties. If you soak your trays in Alightener Foam when not in the mouth, it actually works to disinfect them. 

How long does it take for Alightener Foam to whiten the teeth?

How long does it take for Alightener Foam to whiten the teeth? 

The quickness of results varies. Some people e see noticeable results after just a week, but normally it takes about a month. Because of the light % of peroxide, you can use Alightener Foam on a daily basis, which leads to whiter teeth and fights against stains form smoking, coffee, wine soda and natural aging. 

How much Alightener Foam should be used per treatment?

One pump of foam in each tray (upper/lower) is enough to cover the tray and spread evenly on the teeth.

Who can benefit form using Alightener Foam?

Almost everyone, except younger children. Alightener Foam is a product made for adults, but it can be used by adults of all ages and either sex. We do not recommend using Alightener Foam if you have dental work like repaired chipped teeth or on veneers.