When should I begin using Beetinol anti-aging serum?

Every person’s skin is different, which is why there is no fixed rule about when to start using a face serum. There are two main factors that age our skin: genetics and environment. While some people might not begin to use an anti-wrinkle serum until their late 30s or even 40s, some find it an essential part of their face care routine at 20.

Is it ever too late to start using an anti-aging serum?

Adding an ageless serum into your daily face care routine will improve the overall appearance of your skin by addressing skin problems like dullness, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, wrinkles, and loss of firmness. All anti-aging face serums should be applied on a perfectly clean skin. It is never too late—or early—to start using Beetinol.

Does Beetinol anti-aging serum work on all skin tones?

Yes! Beetinol is proven to be effective on all skin types, tones and one people of any race, sex or ethnicity. 

Is Beetinol a daytime or a night treatment?

BOTH! Beetinol was designed to be both a day AND night treatment. Beetinol can be applied before bedtime or also in the morning. However, if you use Beetinol as a day treatment, add an spf sun screen as well. 

How often should I use Beetinol?

Use Beetinol daily for best results. Beetinol can be used once or twice a day, but there is no need to use it more than two times a day.

How much Beetinol should I use per application?

Beetinol is designed to work with a minimal amount of the serum applied. Apply one or two pumps to a clean face and rub in an even and thin layer.

Do I need to use other anti-aging serums along with Beetinol?

NO. Beetinol is designed to be a complete facial serum. Beetinol has a powerful blend of active ingredients and was specifically designed to already include the most effective components leaving no need to also use different products with differing active ingredients. 

We’re bees harmed in the making of Beetinol?

No. We only acquire our bee be on from ethically sustainable extraction farms. 

What are Beetinol’s active ingredients?

Beetinol’s active ingredients are; Bee venom, Retinol, Hyaluanic Acid, Peptide Complex, and Vitamins; C and K. You can read more about the function of each ingredients on this page: INGREDIENTS.