The Simpler The Ingredient List – The Better

I’m a big fan of natural beauty products – I mean, who isn’t? I don’t want to be putting a ton of chemicals on my face so the simpler the ingredient list – the better. So when  Green Esthetics asked me to review their Argan oil I was totally on board.  

The Green Esthetics Argan Oil is 100% natural, cold pressed argan oil with clary sage and lavender extracts to give it an amazing smell. Lavender and clary sage have benefits for the skin as well. Green Esthetics Argan Oil is imported directly from Morocco to the USA but it’s still really affordable. I’ve seen bottles of argan oil go for over $50 but the Green Esthetics oil is only $16.95!   

Benefits of Argan Oil:

– 100% natural and contains no parabens or preservatives. 

– Moisturizes using the fatty acids in the oil creating a healthy glow.

– Treats acne and fights bacteria with antimicrobial properties.

– Can help reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s elasticity. 

How to Use:-

Use a few drops and massage into face at night instead of your regular moisturizer. 

– Mix with your favorite body lotion for an extra antioxidant boost.

 – Apply oil after shower to make skin extra soft.

– Mix 50% argan oil with 50% lemon juice to exfoliate and hydrate your cuticles. 

– Massage into damp hair to add shine and reduce frizziness. 

 I’ve been using the oil on my face at night in place of my usual moisturizer. I love lavender essential oil so I really love that I can smell a light lavender scent in the oil. It moisturizes really well and the scent is very relaxing!  Source:  Jeans and a Teacup blog