Rebuild your eyebrows, enhance the eyelashes

The good people at  Green Esthetics ( @GreenEsthetics) offered me the opportunity to review a product of my choice, so I was very excited to grab a sample of  Longer Lash, an eyelash growth solution, which combines oils and nutrients to encourage lash growth.

I tried the solution – which is a clear, light fluid which is applied with a slim eyeliner type brush to the upper lash line – twice a day for four weeks… I also applied it to my eyebrows, as they could really do with some TLC, with the outer edges of my brows looking a bit sparse.

Here are my eyelashes before… apologies for the quality of the photo. I had never before realised how difficult it is to take a photo of your own eyelashes. You can also see my brow in the photo. The photo is taken without any make up.

And here are my lashes and brows after using the lotion as I’ve described (again, without make up). I think my lashes look thicker and in better condition. They also look darker, oddly, although that may be because they are looking thicker. The most impressive part for me was how well the outer edge of my eyebrows have grown – I will be continuing to use the longer lash lotion on both my brows and lashes, as I think it does a great job of encouraging growth and improving condition.

Longer Lash retails at $69.95 – I don’t know if I would have paid this without having the opportunity to test the product, although I have been really keen to look at a product to help regrow my brows in particular. I have really enjoyed using it, however. It’s a good quality product, with some excellent natural  ingredients, including argan oil, emu oil and castor oil.

What do you think – can you see a difference?

If you would like to give Longer Lash a try yourself, they ship world wide…You can also get an amazing 40% discount and free shipping with the promo code GREEN40. Keep an eye on their  twitter and  facebook pages for further discounts and offers.

Source:  No Mud No Lotus blog