Every drop for curlier, more noticeable lashes

I’ve been using the  Longer Lash Growth Conditioning Serum sent to me by  Green Esthetics over the past two months, and I’ve slowly seen a positive effect take place.

I apologize for what could be construed as manipulation in the comparison photos, but I honestly had zero mascara or anything on my lashes in both photos. In the “BEFORE” shot, I’d applied eyeshadow for the day before remembering “Oh! I should take a closeup of my lashes to use as a comparison for later.” So while I do have eyeshadow on, there was no mascara. I feel like this disclaimer is unnecessary anyway, because why would I use mascara in the “before” photo anyway? Haha, if anything that would certainly prove the amazing effects of this lash growing serum!

Personally, I feel a huge difference in the length and thickness of my lashes. For the longest time I would only focus on eyeliner and skip mascara because it felt pointless. My eyelashes fall flat and are hardly noticeable. However, as I continued applying this serum over the past few months, I started curling my lashes more because there was a noticeable shift in how much that impacted my look!

Now, the price of this serum is on the pricey side, but let’s consider why that is.

Green Esthetics is dedicated at creating products that use all natural ingredients – including this serum! Longer Lash is blended with a mix of polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, plus essential and mineral oils to condition your eyelashes and brows, encouraging growth and thickness!

I personally really love this serum and plan on using every drop in the beautiful, clear bottle (because let’s take note of the lovely packaging, shall we?). Would you consider trying this serum out?


Source:  Dragonfruit Diaries blog