Thicker eyebrows, prominent lashes, quick results

They have forsaken me, I mean my long lashes and thick eyebrows are no longer there. For whatever reasons it may have been or as I like to assume age is the factor, lashes and brows certainly have withered. Age by far should be the valid-solid reason, though I believe I am still young or young at heart. Then again, I have accepted that some things (ahem!!) can’t be the same since the biological clock has stopped ticking way before the ripe age of 51.

Age, as I also know, is no excuse for neglecting my lashes and brows because they are important to frame and sparkle my face. Okay, so I hear you mentioning falsies and eye brow pencils. Of course. But for me, falsies are for special occasions. For daily outings, fixing the falsies is time consuming and I still have not properly mastered the art. In fact, those I bought are now the permanent ornaments in my dressing table. Defining the brows with a pencil is also a matter of practice whereas there’s castor oil, olive oil and Vaseline for thicker and longer lashes and brows. Trust me, try the home remedies and they do tear you by getting into the way of your eyes.

Just so after reading a couple of beauty blogs for suitable products mainly to fill my scanty lashes and brows, this  Green Esthetics “Longer Lash” arrived, securely packed to avoid damage and clearly listed are the natural ingredients, instructions and product producing country (USA). More so, the natural oils blended in Longer Lash encourages growth and thickness by conditioning the lashes and brows.

Applying the colourless, odorless and non-sticky conditioner once a day should be fairly good. I however was impatient for quick results, so I applied twice a day and before a week, the results were noticeable.

And within a month, really didn’t matter there was no more conditioner in the clear stylish tube. I am happy as my lashes are healthier and longer and my brows are definitely thicker despite having sagged due to loss of collagen. The lashes after a light swipe of mascara, they are prominent in the picture perfect selfies. And at the event, not to brag, absolutely I was a good run to the “wonder-bra young dollings”.

Now, the good news for you Malaysian beauties. Longer Lash is within your reach. To receive, it is essential you tag three friends, share on social media (Facebook or Instagram), be the first to message at  Navakris and personally collect the Longer Lash to enhance and freshen your appearance.  

 Thank you,  Green Esthetics.