The Hair Looks Shiny Without Feeling Or Looking Greasy

“I’m in love with the  Green Esthetics Argan Oil! It has a lovely scent, and I’m so happy that finally an Argan Oil that is 100% natural has a lovely scent. The Argan Oil by Green Esthetics also has a luxurious feel to it. The pump is a great feature to have because it’s easy to pump as little or as much as you want of the Argan Oil without getting messy. Plus it’s also available in a roller ball that is perfect for travel! I love the fact that the Argan Oil by Green Esthetics absorbs quickly onto my skin. I have dry skin on my hands, and legs all year round. Having Argan Oil around is a must for me. I like mixing it with lotion, but in this case I just pump the Argan Oil onto my hands and apply it like lotion. My skin is instantly hydrated, and that hydration lasts for hours!”

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