Alightener Foam Spray

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  • Alightener Spray is used with clear dental aligners (or other types of trays) to keep them clean and disinfected, and also gradually whitens the teeth.
  • This small 5ml spray bottle fit easily into your pocket and is ideal for keeping your aligners clean, your breath fresh and your teeth white On-the-Go!

How to use Alightener Spray?

tooth brush

1. Brush your teeth

It is of vital importance to brush your teeth before using this product.

2. Clean your Dental Aligners or Mouth Tray

It is important to clean your dental aligners or any other mouth tray before using this product.


3. Spray

The foam contains a light peroxide formula which gradually whitens teeth with little to no sensitivity. Spay 1 or 2 sprays of the liquid in each aligner tray or any other mouth tray, and place the trays in the mouth.


4. Wear

Now simply wear the trays as usual, repeat the process 2 - 4 times a day. If sensitivity is detected reduce the frequency of use.

This offer is for 1 bottle of 5ml Alightener Spray.

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