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Joe Marx
I am happy to find a company that takes real care to not put dangerous or toxic ingredients in their products.
Mark Pirlo
I was concerned when I noticed my hair starting to thin, so I decided to do something about. Now my hair has stopped thinning and even became a bit thicker. I feel good about being proactive in my fight against hair loss!
As I get older my eyelashes have become thinner, and my wife was using another eyelash growth product at this time. I did some research and found that Longer Lash has the best mix of ingredients. I have been using it for 5 weeks and am happy with the results. I also like how the product did not seem to be targeted to only women.
I love the ingredients used in Longer Lash. I searched far and wide and could not find a product like this that did NOT include Phenoxyethanol, an ingredient which I find it hard to avoid these days.
Karen Bell
After one month of using Longer Lash I could tell my eyelashes were thicker, but now after 2 months they are not only thicker but much longer as well.
I have been using Argan Oil from Green Esthetics on my hair and face for about two years. I have been so pleased with the results – not many wrinkles and great shiny hair. This year I have discovered a new use for this awesome oil. I have been battling dry, cracking hands every winter for as long as I remember. I do everything I can to keep it at bay such as gloves, lots of moisturizer, soothing salve and anything I can think of to help. It gets so bad at times that my hands actually bleed. A couple of weeks ago I noticed the dry hand thing was starting to happen. I was standing in my bathroom right in front of my ever present bottle of argan oil and I thought – why not try it for my hands? Well, this is the best thing I have ever done. The oil soaked right into my hands and took away the itching and my hands actually felt soft for the first time in any winter I can remember! So now I have a new morning routine which includes a good dose of argan oil on my hands. I also discovered the roller ball applicator which is wonderful – I carry it with me all day long and any time my hands start to feel the least bit irritated I roll on some oil and all is well.

Anyone who has not tried Argan Oil needs to rush to the website ( and get a good supply – I wouldn’t be without it!
Julia Bates
My father has suffered of psoriasis, so when I started using this product I thought to myself… If this works so well for me maybe it will help him too. And it did! Now his skin is as smooth as it has ever been! I am so glad for him, he’s such a good person and I was happy to do something back!
I have always been embarrassed by my cellulite. When I would go to the beach, my friends would go in a bikini and I would try to cover up as much as possible. I would never wear mini skirts or shorts, even in the summer, and not because I don’t have a good body, but I just didn’t want to go around showing off my cellulite. But now since I started using Argan oil, I can wear bikinis again! Summer is not here yet, but I have already started shopping ;) Greetings!
This product is great! OK, so it’s great for your skin in general and all, but for me what really got me hooked was that it got rid of my stretch marks. Finally! I cant believe how simple the solution is… Go ahead and buy it NOW! You wont regret it!
Melissa U
This product is just great for everything! My skin feels soft, my nails are stronger and my hair is so shiny thanks to it! Just wanted to let you know what an amazing product you’re got here!
I’m just here to say that this product also works against dry skin! I have always had dry skin, sometimes really bad and itchy, but argan oil really has helped against it!
Veronica Martin
My boyfriend has always had problems with acne… So I told him to give argan oil a try… I’ve been using it for a while now and I have always loved how it makes my skin look and feel, so I thought why not get him to use it too? At first he was hesitant (men and beauty products sometimes don’t mix)… But then since he started using it we started seeing results against his acne too! :) I surely recommend this to people out there with acne problems, women AND men!
Hi there! I just wanted to share with you how amazing this product has been for me! I suffered from acne when I was a teenager and it left such nasty scars on my skin and no matter what I did NOTHING would get rid of them. But now that I’ve used this product I gotta say IT WORKS!! It feels so great to have my old skin back it’s so soft, and just within a week I started seeing results. I just love this product and I will surely recommend it to other people with the same problem. Thanks SO MUCH!