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Green Esthetics Argan Oil and Longer Lash- reader reviewed and recommended


I like organic products a lot, but they are pricey, so sometimes I lean in the way of convenience, expediency, price or just opportunity. Yet, in those rare moments when the moon is in the Seventh House and the stars align with Mars, and we are not in retrograde, green can be most definitely the best way to go. So getting my hands on two products by Green Esthetics and finding out that they are all that and, perhaps, a bit more than the sum total of their parts is exciting. That said, I really liked these two products and highly recommend them.

Longer, Thicker Lashes Done Naturally


Using too much mascara? Tired of glueing fake lashes on? Longer Lash is the PERFECT solution! Made with a mix of potent polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, essential and natural oils, Longer Lash helps your brows and eyelashes grow and thicken in just 4-6 weeks. Green Esthetics works hard to bring safe & quality products to the conscious consumer - AND they are all made right here in the USA. I have to say, I am quite impressed with my results & couldn't be more eager to share this product with you! 

Review: Longer Lash – natural eyelash conditioner


As a child I was really fortunate to have the longest, lushest eyelashes, the envy of my mum and her female friends.

However, with age that honour is no longer bestowed upon my eyes, but annoyingly has transferred to my young boys, whom, of course, do not appreciate it one bit!

Not a fan of false eyelashes and as a contact lens wearer weary of filament-loaded eyelash extenders, my options for recreating my once luscious lashes have been limited, but hopefully not anymore. There may be hope on the horizon in the guise of Green Esthetics’ natural eyelash conditioner, Longer Lash, which I was sent to review.

What Makes Longer Lash Different?

Skincare Beautyzone

When Green Esthetics decided to make an eyelash growth product they first conducted an extensive study of similar products on the market paying close attention to ingredients which each brand chose. Formulas varied a lot but it was discovered that most of the products that had good reviews regarding results all had some kind of polypeptide. Some other cheaper options did not contain any peptides, but it was hard to find any with positive reviews about results.   One thing that the expensive and cheaper products did have in common was the use of petroleum based additives and unnatural preservatives.