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It works fantastic to make eyelashes thicker and longer

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Longer Lash is really amazing product; it works fantastic to make eyelashes thicker and longer. You can use it for eyebrows too. I did not do that, I think eyelashes are just enough for me. I am pretty satisfied with the results and I knew that changes were not going to come in one night, but my eye lashes now look much thicker and longer...

From radiant skin to shiny hair & strong nails

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Argan Oil has so many benefits to nourish and protect your body that I noticed the difference from the first use. It is great for skin as the oil moisturizes using the fatty acids and brings natural glow. Argan Oil hydrates and soothes irritations of the skin caused by weather, pollution, sun exposure, as well as wind and cold - so typical for our Canadian winter.

Every drop for curlier, more noticeable lashes

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Personally, I feel a huge difference in the length and thickness of my lashes. For the longest time I would only focus on eyeliner and skip mascara because it felt pointless. My eyelashes fall flat and are hardly noticeable. However, as I continued applying this serum over the past few..

What makes Argan Oil one of industry's favorites?

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I’ve been using the Green Estetics Organic Argan Oil for over a month now, mainly on my face. I’ve noticed that my adult acne is cleared up much faster. I even stopped using it for a week and had a dreaded break out. I started back up again and cleared my face up within 3 days. The 15 ml bottle can last you...