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Naturally beautiful eyelashes with Longer Lash


I was very pleased with my results and while I still feel like I need to wear mascara, my lashes look so much fuller and thicker. I used the formula for about 4 weeks (best results are between 2 - 3 months of consistent use) and I still have 3/4 of the tube left, which shows that it goes a long way. Basically the cost is about .40/day, much less than eyelash extensions, which average about...

Longer Lash serum without prostaglandin


Again, looking at both eyes straight on, the difference is pretty dramatic in the outer corners of my eyes. Definitely a noticeable difference, and I bet the all over effect would be even bigger if you were starting out with sparser lashes. I'm convinced!

Fighting winter dryness with Argan Oil


Aaaand the blemishes are gone. An expectation met. I will still get the occasional zit, but my skin has been drinking this oil and filling in the fine lines I had near my eyes and forehead. I never understand what “skin elasticity” improvement felt like until I used this product.