Thicker Eyebrows, Prominent Lashes, Quick Results

They have forsaken me, I mean my long lashes and thick eyebrows are no longer there. For whatever reasons it may have been or as I like to assume age is the factor, lashes and brows certainly have withered. 

It works fantastic to make eyelashes thicker and longer

I never had long eyelashes and always admired the people on TV and in real life who had long beautiful eyelashes. When I was younger it was very popular to use a castor oil in capsules, it definitely worked but it was not very convenient and easy to apply. Eyes are very sensitive and need to be treated accordingly. Eye care products have to be high quality, safe and do not irritate sensitive eye area.

From radiant skin to shiny hair & strong nails

Green Esthetics Argan Oil is USDA certified organic product, sometimes called golden elixir because of its amazing abilities to moisturize, soften and hydrate. Argan Oil is a completely natural moisturizer and treatment for skin, hair and nails. It is produced from the Argan nut of the Argan tree which grows only in Southwestern Morocco.

Every drop for curlier, more noticeable lashes

I’ve been using the  Longer Lash Growth Conditioning Serum sent to me by  Green Esthetics over the past two months, and I’ve slowly seen a positive effect take place.

I apologize for what could be construed as manipulation in the comparison photos, but I honestly had zero mascara or anything on my lashes in both photos. In the “BEFORE” shot, I’d applied eyeshadow for the day before remembering “

What makes Argan Oil one of industry’s favorites?

Argan oil (the oil extracted from the fruit of Morocco’s argan tree) has been popping up in our shampoos, body butters and facial masks, with manufacturers pointing to its endless hydrating and healing properties.