Naturally Beautiful Eyelashes With Longer Lash

She was in my 5th grade class, far too young to be worrying about mascara or false eyelashes. Every time she looked down, her eyelashes shadowed her cheekbones. When she looked sideways, her lashes were outlined in her silhouette. 

Repair/Hydrate/Strengthen Hair/Skin/Nails With Argan Oil

I’ve received this Argan Oil about two months ago but I’ve started using it only recently, because I had other products to test and I wanted to finish those before opening a new one. Trying out this new Argan Oil by Green Esthetics was really challenging to me, as I’m not into

Fighting Winter Dryness With Argan Oil

I recently moved from Texas to Germany, and I was concerned about the sudden change in climate and resources my skin and hair would have to endure. I visited Germany in June 2015, and after a few days of showering I noticed that my skin would get super dry and itchy, and it started peeling within five days. This was odd for me since my face is normally oily.

Small amount – big results

Hello all! It has been far too long since, and I’m sorry for the brief fall out. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and start posting again on a regular basis. 

To kick things off, I want to introduce y’all to a product I have fallen in love with over this winter season. I have dry skin due to the cold weather, especially on my hands. My face also tends to break out a little more and just be so dry with the cold winter. 

Longer Thicker Lashes With Longer Lash

Have you ever felt like your eyelashes are thinning out and not as long and lush like they used to be? Ya, me too. I have tried lots of eyelash growing serums in the past and almost all seem to work pretty well, with continued use.