Make Your Eyes More Soulful, Beautiful And Sexy With Longer Lash

I am not endowed with thick and long eyelashes. I find it difficult to curl my lashes because they are too short and it hurts so much when I accidentally press the eyelash curler on my eyelids. I just use mascara or put falsies to make my eyelashes darker.

Oil With Great Absorption Properties

Argan has benefits for your skin. It has been known to reduce wrinkles and lines. This is done by stimulating skin cell renewal, it increases skin hydration and elasticity and combats free radicals. It can also be used to treat burns, acne and to reduce scarring and stretch marks for many.

The Argan Oil That Is Just Better

I read raves about the effectiveness of Argan Oil and I had a privilege to try and test one brand from a local company which I wasn’t able to review yet. Then I was contacted by  Green Esthetics, a USA-based organic cosmetic brand, to try, test and review one of its products. I chose Argan Oil among its other very promising products because I wanted to compare it to the one that I had on hand. 

Have Lashes That Retain Their Volume

Want longer lashes? I tried this all natural lash therapy by Green Esthetics.I was skeptical at first to try anything on my eyelashes. They’ve always been a good length, but have changed over the years. I didn’t want something that would thicken them up while I was using it and then thin them out once I stopped. I did my research on the

Lash Growth At A Cellular Level

The product is made in the USA with “all natural” ingredients. They carry a Natural Ingredient Resource Center label with a truth in marketing pledge. Find more about them at their   website. “Products labeled as “Made with/from Natural Ingredients” must contain at least 70% natural ingredients that meet the NIRC Criteria.