No Unnecessary Additives, No Preservatives, No Fake Fragrances

Green Esthetics is a fairly new company looking to have their small team make a big splash in the beauty world. They focus on making products that are as effective as they are ethically and environmentally conscious.

I, Sarina, was very excited to have the opportunity to review Green Esthetics’ Argan Oil. Mostly because I LOVE Argan oil! It smells absolutely heavenly, and has a great number of benefits for hair, skin and nails. I’ve previously used Argan oil for my cuticles and was eager to see how Green Esthetics’ formula compared to a product I’ve used before. When I checked the ingredients I knew I should expect great results: 100% pure cold pressed Argan oil! (Cold press is one of many ways to extract natural oils from different areas of plants.) No unnecessary additives, no preservatives, no fake fragrances. One small pump on the back of my hand was enough for both of my hands, and I paid special attention to the nail and cuticle area. I loved how quickly it absorbed; there was no greasy residue! After applying for a few days in a row, I did notice that my skin was softer, and my cuticles weren’t dry or creating hangnails. After the initial few days, I plan on using it once a week, or whenever my cuticles look like they’re going to rebel. 

I also decided to try something new – Argan oil for my hair. Healing split ends is listed among the top reasons to use Argan oil, according to Green Esthetics. I applied the oil to the ends of my hair, tied it up overnight, and washed and styled as usual in the morning. My hair looked so polished, it was as if I had gotten a haircut! I could certainly see the difference, and I bet you can too with the before and after pictures I took. I do love curling my hair, and hair can definitely take a beating when using a lot of heat. Anyone with dry ends or frizzy hair would absolutely love having Argan oil to add to their hair care regimen.

The market for green products is growing faster than conventional beauty companies can handle. If Green Esthetics continues making simple, straightforward, clean products, they will thrive and unfold into a huge success. This is a company I could see growing in popularity quickly, especially with the introduction of new products to their lineup, and it definitely gets my eco-friendly seal of approval!


Source:  The Binder Ladies blog