Longer Thicker Lashes With Longer Lash

Have you ever felt like your eyelashes are thinning out and not as long and lush like they used to be? Ya, me too. I have tried lots of eyelash growing serums in the past and almost all seem to work pretty well, with continued use.

One product I received recently is the Longer Lash. I was eager to try this out because I have not had an eyelash serum in a while and my eyelashes were sparse and SHORT. I hated them so much!

I started using Longer Lash about 4 weeks ago. It is simple to use, like all the other lash serums out there. You just shake the bottle before opening it, to get it mixed up and on the brush, then you open it and take the wand with the brush on the end and swish it around in the bottle to grab the serum. Pull out the wand and apply it to the base of your top lashes where the lashes and skin meet. Kind of like you are putting on eyeliner.

Be sure to not put on too much or it could seep into your eyes and sting them. Yes, I did that and it hurt a bit, but not too bad. If you put too much on, you will notice a sting on your eyelids where you applied it, so use it sparingly. You only need a little amount for each eye.

I use this every night after taking off my makeup. Make sure your eyes are clean from all makeup and lotions. Longer Lash causes eyelashes to grow longer and thicker within 4-6 weeks with its perfect blend of all natural ingredients plus polypeptides to encourage growth on a cellular level.

What Is In Longer Lash?

Longer Lash is blended with a mix of potent polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, plus essential and natural oils to condition your eyelashes and brows encouraging growth and thickness. Longer Lash’s ingredients do not contain parabens, fragrance, phenoxyethanol or propylene glycol.

Longer Lash is an over-the-counter cosmetic product, not a prescription medication.

Made in USA.


You can purchase Longer Lash online at  https://www.greenesthetics.com/. It retails for $69.95.

Source:  Shop With Me Mama blog