Longer, Thicker Lashes Done Naturally

Using too much mascara? Tired of glueing fake lashes on? Longer Lash is the PERFECT solution! Made with a mix of potent polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, essential and natural oils, Longer Lash helps your brows and eyelashes grow and thicken in just 4-6 weeks. Green Esthetics works hard to bring safe & quality products to the conscious consumer – AND they are all made right here in the USA. I have to say, I am quite impressed with my results & couldn’t be more eager to share this product with you! 

I’ve been lucky enough to have dark lashes (thanks mom & dad), but they have never been spectacularly long. I usually forget to put mascara on, so they never stood out. Longer Lash stumbled into my life, and now leaving the house mascara-less doesn’t bother me. I started using the product 4 weeks ago, but noticed small differences after just a week. Religiously applying it morning and night, it has been exciting to watch my lashes grow and thicken this past month. 

Very simple to apply – right over the lid – with no makeup on. Didn’t bother me at all, and it dries fairly quick. You can even apply to your brows, which will be my next adventure with this product!

After 4 weeks, my lashes look fab! When I do put mascara on, it is one coat and very light – just enough to make them pop a little more. I’m extremely happy with the results so far, and look forward to see them a few weeks from now! 

Feeling eh about your eye lashes and brows? Try it out for yourself!! Purchase your own tube of Longer Lash  here.

Source:  http://www.sustainably-chic.com/blog/2015/9/5/green-esthetics-longer-lash