Lash growth at a cellular level

Green Esthetics sent me a tube of their Longer Lash Eyelash Growth Conditioner Solution.

I have never used a product such as this, so I really have no expectations. I will update at a later date, as I have just received this.

The product is made in the USA with “all natural” ingredients. They carry a Natural Ingredient Resource Center label with a truth in marketing pledge. Find more about them at their  website. “Products labeled as “Made with/from Natural Ingredients” must contain at least 70% natural ingredients that meet the NIRC Criteria. The remaining 30% may come from ingredients that do not meet the NIRC Criteria for natural, however, products that include synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or ingredients from petrochemicals MAY NOT display the NIRC “Seal”. All percentages are based upon weight.”

Longer lash promotes a difference within 4-6 weeks. Their blend has 70% natural ingredients with vitamins, minerals and polypeptides that assist at a cellular level. It has polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, and essential and natural oils that are used to promote growth and thickness.

Application is twice a day at the base of your lashes. Make sure your face is clean and apply in the morning and night. The brush is very thin so take care to not use excess. You do not want this in your eye or on your inner eyelid. With any product do not use while breastfeeding or pregnant unless you consult your doctor.

Apparently you can use this on your eyebrows as well. It is free of parabens, polypropylene, fragrance and phenoxyethanol.

Source:  Crazy Life as Mom blog