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Hair Today Ingredients


HT2 was formulated after extensive research to include the most effective natural ingredients without the use of harmful carrier agents and preservatives found in most of the competition's products.


Grain Alcohol - our formula uses natural grain alcohol to replace harmful carrier agents like Propylene Glycol.


Minoxidil - we use 5% minoxidil along with natural ingredients which increase its effectiveness.

azelaic acid

Azelic Acid - a natural organic compound proven to decrease levels of DHT in the scalp.


Saw Palmetto - a natural plant which fights androgenic alopecia by slowing the conversion of testosterone to DHT.


Panthenol & Biotin - two kinds of Vitamin B which promote hair growth and thickness. Vitamin B deficiency has been linked to cause hair thinning.


Niacin - an all natural vegetable based preservative that fights bacteria.


Tea Tree Oil - stimulates hair growth and rids the scalp of fungi, bacteria and dead skin.


Emu Oil - all natural moisturizing agents which promote quick absorption of the active ingredients into the skin.


Argan Oil - a 100% natural oil exclusively from Morocco which hydrates the hair and scalp increasing blood flow and causing faster hair growth.


Vitamin E - an anti-oxidant which helps reduce inflammation of the scalp and repairs damage to the hair follicles.


Ginseng Extract - increases the proliferation of dermal papilla cells, which directly means that it improves hair regeneration ability.


Grape Seed Extract - contains proanthocyanidins which quicken the transition of the resting phase to the growing in the hair growth cycle.


Clary Sage Oil - promotes hormonal balance and prevents thickening in the membrane tissue around the hair follicle that results in hair loss.