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Keeping it Green with Juicing!

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There’s that word again – GREEN – everyone is talking about it and hopefully a lot of us are trying to live it.  Living green is the best we can do for ourselves and for our environment.  One way we can help ourselves live green is to ingest healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular schedule.  Unfortunately, we all don’t like preparing and eating these fresh gems and as a result, we just don’t eat them.

This is How we Roll!

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At Green Esthetics we have Argan oil packaged in many different ways but the roller ball applicator is one of the most fun and convient of these! It is great for anyone on the go and an excellent option for traveling.

So You're Having a Baby! Discover uses for Argan Oil during and after Pregnancy.

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Argan oil is nature’s gift and there is no better way to use it than during pregnancy. It is loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids that will aid in helping diminish the inevitable stretch marks while also nurturing your hair and nails. Nothing feels better on your skin than some liquid gold!  Argan Oil is devoid of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and other chemicals that we don’t want to use during pregnancy or any time. You can throw away the numerous “specialty” products that are touted for use during pregnancy and use your bottle of liquid gold during pregnancy and after your baby arrives.