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Green Esthetics Announces Beldi Soap as Part of its New Argan Line

Posted on: . Posted in Argan Oil

Fort Lauderdale, USA -- March 25, 2014 -- Green Esthetics announced today that pure Argan Beldi Soap has joined its recently launched Argan line to provide soft, radiant skin benefits as seen in authentic Moroccan Hammam spa treatments. Ideal in preparing skin for exfoliation, Beldi soap has the unique ability to moisturize and cleanse the skin while removing toxins and enriching it with Vitamin E. Beldi soap is 100% natural and contains no parabens, chemical additives or preservatives common in other soaps and shower gels, and is therefore safe for all skin types. The Green Esthetics Beldi soap can be purchased directly from the company website for just over £12.00, which includes a month supply as well as a gentle exfoliating mitt.

Press Release: New Argan Line

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Green Esthetics, a skin and healthcare company specializing in creating all-natural aesthetic products, announced today that it has expanded its line of Argan oil products to include exciting new additions.

Working with its trusted supplier in Morocco, Green Esthetics now offers Beldi exfoliating soap, Prickly Pear Soap, Argan oil sunscreen and a cosmetic Argan oil anti-aging cream. Now consumers can make full use of the advantages of using all-natural Argan oil in nearly every stage of their daily beauty regime.

Rockin’ Moroccan: How to Use Argan Oil

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So Picasso had his Blue Period and Coco Chanel had her little-black-dress phase, but we think we’re in our Moroccan moment since we just can’t get enough of the rich ingredients that come out of this region!

Summertime Tips for Hot and Healthy Skin

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It’s summertime, and the livin’ – and sunning – is easy! Each season (or specifically – exact climate) brings changes to our pace of life and our skin care needs.

But just as the dry, cold, winter winds chap our faces, the sun and heat brings their own array of problems. We pooled our natural-beauty friends to deliver some tips to keep your skin and hair at its very best and ‘hottest’ this summer, so let’s have it: