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Press Release: New Argan Line

Posted on: . Posted in Argan Oil

Green Esthetics, a skin and healthcare company specializing in creating all-natural aesthetic products, announced today that it has expanded its line of Argan oil products to include exciting new additions.

Working with its trusted supplier in Morocco, Green Esthetics now offers Beldi exfoliating soap, Prickly Pear Soap, Argan oil sunscreen and a cosmetic Argan oil anti-aging cream. Now consumers can make full use of the advantages of using all-natural Argan oil in nearly every stage of their daily beauty regime.

For more information and to view the full line of Argan oil and other natural aesthetic products offered by Green Esthetics, please browse our website.

We believe in giving our clients the best, most natural and most effective aesthetic products”, said Green Esthetics Founder, Michael Green. “Our new Argan oil product line combines the healthy benefits of Argan oil with the products that consumers use everyday, such as sunscreens, cleansers and moisturizers, and after months of preparation we are proud to now launch this line.”.

The healing, aesthetic properties of Argan oil have been used for centuries by the natives of Morocco; the only country where the Argan tree, which produces the oil, grows. Recently Argan oil has found its way into salons across the United States, but not many everyday skin care products boast the natural, healing properties of Argan oil in their forumulas.

Moroccans use Argan oil along with olive oil to make a typical soap used in hammam baths in the east. This Beldi soap moisturizes and has a softening effect, preparing the skin for exfoliation. Thanks to Green Esthetics you don’t have to be in North Africa or the Middle East to experience the royal hamman treatment and can have skin as soft as a sultan in the comfort of your own home. 

Beldi soap comes as a dark paste and the Prickly Pear soap, made with Argan oil and cactus to exfoliate rougher areas like feet, comes in a bar.

Due to its penetrating qualities Argan oil integrates well with other product formulas such as Green Esthetics’ natural daily facial sunscreen. The moisturizing capabilities are fully used in Green Esthetics’ Anti-Aging cream which stimulates skin regeneration, reducing wrinkles.

Green Esthetics’ new line of Argan oil products and accessories really exploit this fantastic ingredient’s best attributes, which has made it a growing sensation not only in the east but across Europe and now the USA.