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This is How we Roll!

Posted on: . Posted in Argan Oil

At Green Esthetics we have Argan oil packaged in many different ways but the roller ball applicator is one of the most fun and convient of these! It is great for anyone on the go and an excellent option for traveling.

One of my great discoveries so far for the year 2015 has been the Argan Oil Roller Ball Applicator. A big title for a small product, but the product itself is as big as its name! What an awesome discovery. The roller ball applicator is a small cylinder with a roller ball on top that dispenses what I like to call "liquid gold" otherwise known as argan oil. I can never hear enough about how argan oil can be used and what it does for your hair, skin and nails. The roller ball applicator is great for pin-pointing problem areas and does equally well on larger areas. Just take a look at the many uses of and what the roller ball can do:

  • Restores the skin’s pH levels naturally.

  • Neutralizes free radicals from environmental exposure.

  • Intense moisturizer due to the fatty acids in the oil, as well as antimicrobial properties.

  • Treats acne by reducing the oiliness in skin.

  • Has anti-aging properties and can reduce wrinkles.

  • Reduces scarring & stretch marks as well as helping to heal blemishes.

  • Assists in the cure of skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne and eczema by calming skin irritation and inflammation.

  • Tightens the skin by increasing its elasticity.

  • Hydrates hair adding shine and reducing frizziness and split ends

  • Contains antioxidants to repair the hair and scalp on a cellular level and reduce dandruff

Add all that to a perfect dispenser and you have a win - win product. The roller ball applicator is a "throw in your purse or pocket" kind of thing so you have it with you whenever needed. Hands get dry - pull out the roller ball, face peels from the sun - pull out the roller ball, feet are cracked - pull out the roller ball. Well, you get my drift - this one is a keeper! It is not only a great dispenser, but a great product as well. The argan oil used in the Green Esthetics Argan Oil Roller Ball Applicator is imported directly from Morocco to the USA. We order 100% cold pressed pure argan oil. Then we add 100% natural clary sage and lavender extracts to give it a pleasant fragrance which masks the overly natural smell of raw argan oil and is subtle enough for use by both men and women. It is then packaged in the roller ball applicator and is ready for you to roll. Visit our website at today and start your journey rolling toward healthy skin, hair and nails!

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