Not to be dramatic, but I’m going to be…. I feel like the past 6 months have aged me. As a person who thrives on planning, schedules, productivity, exercise, etc. I’ve had none of those stabilities in my life. I don’t do spontaneous well and yet I currently wake up and wonder what wacky new thing the day will hold.

Self-care has always been humorous to me as a busy mom, but I sure had a whole lot more time for myself 6 months ago. Back when I thought I didn’t have that much time, but current me is laughing and would go back in a heart beat. Fairly regularly I would get home from the gym after dropping off the kids at school and slap on a face mask or do some sort of skin routine. The only thing I’m slapping on now is a fake smile. Just kidding, I’m still being dramatic.

The Beetinol anti-aging serum contains retinol and bee venom as well. I’m really hung up on the bee venom. That’s intense, but it’s very comfortable. Aloe vera, cucumber extract, vitamin c, and caffeine are first on the ingredients list. It smells nice and naturally battles the wrinkles on a molecular level. I have to be extra careful with my fair and easily irritated skin. I’ve had a great experience using this product. Please note that you put this on your wrinkles (day or night), then apply sunscreen and your makeup. Sunscreen is super important since it has retinol.

So if you are like me and you’re fighting dark circles or eye puffiness, you will want to firm it all up with this product. It’s weightless with a smooth finish. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly. Your skin will hold moisture and a more youthful glow. Now for the fun part, we are giving one lucky reader this product!

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