We all have the dream of looking into someone’s eyes and fluttering our eyelashes to make that unspoken statement. But, some of us were born with the fluttering type of eyelashes and some were not. So what can we do when we are in the “not” group? We need to find a good product that can help us enhance the eyelashes we have. There are a lot of eyelash growth products on the market today – some good – some not so good. When Green Esthetics decided to make an eyelash growth product they first conducted an extensive study of similar products on the market paying close attention to the ingredients each brand chose. Formulas varied a lot, but they discovered that most of the products that had good reviews all had some kind of polypeptide. Other less expensive options did not contain any peptides, but it was hard to find any with positive reviews. One thing that both the upscale and less expensive products had in common is the use of petroleum based additives and unnatural preservatives. 

Green Esthetics set out to make an effective eyelash growth product that was based on natural ingredients with a blend of strong peptides and with all natural ingredients and preservatives. They succeeded with the creation of Longer Lash. Longer Lash works on both eyelashes and eyebrows and best results are seen after 4-6 weeks of daily use. 

Longer Lash Competition Comparison Chart

Let’s look at what Longer Lash’s formula DOESN’T have. Most eyelash growth products have propylene ghlycol which is used as an absorption agent to help ingredients penetrate the skin and reach the blood stream. Propelyne glycol is actually a main ingredient in anti-freeze and has been linked to cancer as its penetrating qualities alter the structure of skin cells. Green Esthetics replaced propylene glycol with 100% natural oils. 

This next ingredient we found in almost every eyelash growth product, and we challenge readers to find one that doesn’t have it, is phenoxyethanol. This is a petroleum based preservative found in most cosmetics which has been proven to be a toxin to organs. Green Esthetics replaced this harmful substance and parabens with all natural vegetable based preservatives such as naticide. 

Green Esthetic’s research paid off with the creation of Longer Lash. No expense was spared in the selection of Longer Lash’s all-star line-up of ingredients and it is the most effective all-natural eyelash growth solution available. So what’s in Longer Lash? See all the ingredients  here. Always look at product ingredients before applying to your skin or eyes and then get busy applying your Longer Lash. You will enjoy that “wow” look you have always wanted.